Jungian Analysis & Psychotherapy  




As a Zurich-trained Jungian Analyst I am trained to work with dreams within the therapeutic context.   I find that dreams invariably provide invaluable diagnostic information about what is going on within the unconscious.  Moreover there is a great deal of 'feeling-energy' within a dream; and making a connection with this is highly therapeutic in itself.   There is no doubt that your dreams can lead you more quickly into the underlying, core issues and accelerate the progress of the therapeutic journey. 


Do I work with dreams with all of my psychotherapy clients?   No.   Roughly speaking:- 

  • About 1/3rd of my clients never bring dreams at all.  In such cases we work in other ways.  There are plenty of other tools in the box!
  • About 1/3rd bring some dreams from time to time.  These often seem to come when we need to find a new direction or when the therapy feels stuck.   
  • About 1/3rd bring dreams to almost every session.  With this way of working it is the dreams which act as our guide on the journey & show us where we need to go.

All of my clients are asked to keep a journal in which they record their dreams.  Whether or not they bring a dream to a session is entirely their choice. 



'Life has many twists and turns, and each of us has a destiny to follow and fulfil that is like a thread that weaves its way in and out of all that happens to us.  Our dreams help us to find and follow this thread.' (John Sanford)

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